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Millions & Millions of In-Market RV Shoppers

1,000,000 RV Shoppers A Month

Jun. - Aug. 2017, source: Google Analytics.

Most RV shoppers are using their computers, smart phones and tablets to find their next RV. With an classified listings package, you expose your inventory to millions and millions of in-market RV consumers, from wherever they are, and on whatever device they are shopping from.

Reach RV buyers, from across the USA and Canada, who use the website and apps when searching for their next RV. Using state-of-the art technology, we provide you with the powerful platform on which to showcase your new and used RVs for sale.

Every day, thousands of in-market consumers visit in search of their next RV, easily searching from 110,000+ new and used RVs for sale. Each listing on is indexed to be found easily by those searching in your city, state or region… and beyond. In fact, many of our visitors are shopping outside of their own area, willing to travel to obtain that ‘perfect RV’. By putting your inventory on, you gain access to buyers you may not typically reach through your own website or local classifieds. Classifieds - Millions of RV Shoppers

Fully advertise each RV in your inventory… and then some

You get all the photos, video, and text you need… without the extra cost.

Gone are the days of print advertising where you pay more for lines, color and photos (good riddance)! Each listing in your RVT account comes standard with 30 hi-res photos, HD video and unlimited text. Now you can fully showcase your units to prospective buyers.
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We accept data (feeds) from your own server, or any other source (eg. RVUSA, PSN, Dealer Spike, UVS, Channelblade, and Autotrader etc.) Data is automatically received on a daily basis and your listings updated accordingly.

In addition, we offer a variety of exposure ‘boosting’ upgrades that drive even more traffic to your stock (fees apply). Choose boosted exposure to either buyers in your region or buyers nation-wide. Then, put your specials on the RVT homepage, at the top of search results in your state, or in the jumbo ‘Spotlight’ space.

Also available - online display banner ads that can reach your exact target audience. Need to advertise a sale to customers in your city searching for Toy Haulers? Or a coupon offer to someone who has already viewed one of your listings? Using advanced ad serving technology, can put a display ad in front of any segment of buyers in the RV market.

Pro-Active Lead Follow-up and Advanced Notification System

In addition to the 30,000+ email and phone leads generated every month, RVT dealers gain instant access to over 95,000 RV consumers who have asked us to tell them when specified RVs become available. Every day we take your inventory and run it against this list, match your units, and send an email advertising the listing to a buyer. Thousands of these emails are sent every day, and generate thousands of additional sales leads.

Incredibly, our systems show that 32% of dealer leads who give feedback indicate they…

  • Were NOT contacted or
  • Did NOT get info they requested.

Meet ‘Laurie’, your Virtual Lead Follow-Up Assistant. Utilizing artificial intelligence, we can help you increase sales. Whenever a buyer sends your dealership an email inquiry, RVT’s Virtual Customer Service Assistant - “Laurie” - automatically contacts each lead within 24 hrs. to help ensure a connection has been made.

In a friendly yet persistent way, Laurie gathers helpful information which she immediately passes on to your sales team - information like missing (or alternate) phone numbers, “best times” to call and she even helps set appointments!

This robust new service is included with all Dealer listing packages. (No additional fees apply.)

“Price Reduced” Notification - Potential buyers can choose to “Watch” your units on RVT. When you lower the price on an RV, we automatically send all the buyers who are “watching” that unit an email to notify them of the price change.

Popular Listings Are Posted to Our Facebook Page and with roughly 100,000 followers this can bring thousands of extra consumers to view to your RVs.

Lead Follow-Up & Notification

CallSource Call Tracking — Included!

All dealer customers of, have full access to special, unique CallSource Call Tracking numbers. This is included with your Listings Account.

CallSource helps you…

  • Track the number of calls you receive on your listings.
  • Capture every caller’s number.
  • Monitor recorded calls for quality review and follow-up purposes.

If you can measure it, you can manage it. CallSource, just another benefit of listing your inventory for sale on

CallSource Call Tracking

Meet Your Customers on Mobile Devices

RV Shoppers want access to your inventory whenever, wherever, and on whatever device they have at their fingertips.

In 2011, smartphone sales exceeded the sales of PCs (Canalys), and visits from a mobile device now make up almost 70% of all website traffic. Now, more than ever, RV dealerships need their inventory searchable and viewable on smartphones and tablets.

All listings on are optimized for searching and viewing on ALL types of devices, your inventory will automatically be formatted for our mobile site and apps. Mobile Web Site

Get “Optimized!”

“Robust RV sales come as a direct result of ‘excellence’ in RV marketing. And, RVT’s all about helping Dealers connect with Buyers through marketing RVs – with excellence.”
Shawn Friesen, Sr. VP

RVT Dealer Optimizer Sessions
Professional Consultations Help Advertisers Optimize Digital Ad Budgets’s Optimizer Sessions are professional Consultations available at no-cost to all customers.

Together, let’s review and apply best practices to your…

  • Online RV Merchandising – gets you more Leads.
  • Analyze the number of RV shoppers – by Class of RV – in your Area PLUS those Cities and States you need to target.
  • Compare Tactics: Display Ads, Google Ads, ReMarketing, Dynamic ReMarketing and “Featured” Listings.
  • See samples of effective campaigns and creatives known to drive RV sales.

Schedule your Optimizer Session

…or call 1-800-282-2183 x 1710.

Pricing for all Dealership Sizes

Only pay for what you’ll use.

Dealerships - large and small - can enjoy the full benefits of advertising on One size does NOT fit all, so we sell ad packages based on the total number of listings, and price accordingly. Have a larger inventory in the Spring and Summer? Maybe you only hold a few units during the Fall and Winter? No problem, you can up or down-size anytime, and maximize the efficiency of your advertising budget.

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