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Frequently Asked Questions

Place ads for new or used campers, motor homes, 5th wheels or other rv’s for sale or wanted. Our list of frequently asked questions below is designed to help you create and maintain your ad, and answer questions about costs and technical details.

  1. Selling an RV
  2. Shopping for RVs
  3. RVT Accounts
  4. RV Tools & Research

Beware of Internet Scammers

Scammers are known to use services such as ours to perpetrate their crimes. One common scam involves offering to deposit money in your bank in excess of the value of your vehicle, then asking you to forward the difference to them. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably it is! Please refer to our fraud prevention page for more information. We actively screen communications between buyers and sellers to filter out scammers, but we cannot guarantee that some bogus messages won’t get through. If you encounter a scammer while using our website, please let us know. You can also contact your local FBI office, either directly or at In Canada, contact the RCMP.

Please be advised that we do not sell or otherwise provide anyone with access to the email addresses of our sellers or buyers, for any purpose whatsoever.

Pricing & Rates

We offer a variety of ad packages to suit every private RV seller’s needs in features, price and duration. View ad packages and pricing.

You can add Extra photos, visibility or priority options to your ad at a reasonable price.

Featured Homepage Priority Ads give your ad display priority. With a Featured Homepage ad, your ad will be featured on our home page “Front Row” section on a rotational basis. All this exposure for only $49.95! Your ad will keep the homepage priority for 4 weeks.

Featured Search Ads are listed at the top of the search results. When a buyer does a search for a vehicle in a particular state, ads with State Search Priority in that state will be featured at the top of the search results. All this exposure for just $49.95! Featured ads are shown in rotation for 4 weeks.

Add a Truck or Towable Car Listing. Are you looking to Sell your 5th Wheel and your Truck? Or maybe your Class A and your Towable Car? When you add a truck or towable car listing to your account, your two ads will be linked so potential buyers can easily view both.

Photo Management

In order to upload images to your ad, you must login to your account, then:

  1. Click on “Edit Photos” under “Manage Ad”.
  2. Click on any blank space in the blue photo area.
  3. Find and select the image you want to load from your computer, and click “Open”.
  4. OR: skip steps 2 and 3 by clicking, holding, and dragging a photo from an open folder window directly into the blue photo area.
  5. To change the order, click, hold and drag uploaded photos into new positions.
  6. If necessary, you can rotate the photos using the rotation arrows below each image.
  7. When you’re all done, click on Save Photo Order.

Images may take a few seconds or several minutes to load, depending on the size of the file and your connection speed.

Repeat the above process for any additional photos you wish to upload. Your changes will take effect immediately.

If you are having trouble getting your images successfully uploaded, it may be because they are in the wrong file format. Acceptable image file formats include:

  • .jpg or .jpeg
  • .gif
  • .png
  • .bmp

If after trying the above you still cannot get them uploaded, you can send them to us and we will post them for you.

By Email:
The quickest way is to email the images to: . Please include your Ad Number in the Subject or Body of your message.

Sideways or Inverted Photos

If you used an iPhone to take your photos, there’s a good chance the orientation of your pictures may be inverted or sideways. The iPhone allows you to use your volume button as a shutter release - unfortunately when you take photos with the buttons on top like you would with a regular camera, your iPhone is now actually upside down. Apple compensates for this by adding EXIF data to the photos that tells iTunes and other Apple software which way is up. Other operating systems and apps outside of the Apple ecosystem don’t necessarily use that EXIF data when displaying photos, so they appear the way they were taken: upside down.

Correct this problem by using the “Rotate Left” or “Rotate Right” tools in the Edit Photos area of your account.

You can also contact us and we can fix your photos for you.

Ad Management

In order to update your ad on RVT, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Under “Manage This Ad”, click on the button related to the task you want to perform:
    • Edit Description - edit price, features, details and wording of your ad.
    • Edit Photos - add, remove, and edit photos.
    • Upload Video - add a YouTube video to your ad.
    • Activate Ad - if your ad is offline, activate it here. Does not apply to new ads waiting for approval.
    • Upgrade / Renew - add exposure, additional photos, additional time and more here. You can also renew your ad if it has expired.
    • For Sale Sign - print a custom For Sale sign for your RV or vehicle.
    • Bill of Sale - print a basic bill of sale that you can use during the sale of your item.
    • Mark Sold / Pause - mark your listing as “Sold” and no longer available, or take your ad offline without deleting it. (To restart a paused ad at no extra charge, please contact us.)
  3. To view your changes, return to My Ads Home and click “Preview Ad” (using “Preview Ad” will not count as a view in your ad stats).

If you have forgotten your login information, please click here.

If you are still having problems you can email or call us at: 1-800-677-4484 8:30am - 5pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday to Friday.

Duplicate Ads & Payments

It’s possible to create duplicate ads if the back button on your browser is used at a critical moment during the ad creation process. If this does happen, please contact us and we’ll remove the unwanted listing(s) for you. You will not have to pay for two ads.

“Offline” Ads

All ads placed on are screened and verified for authenticity. There may be a delay before your ad is activated.

Ad Upgrades / Renewals

For security reasons, we do not save credit card numbers from past transactions.

To renew your ad on, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account and click on “Upgrade / Renew”.
  2. Choose the renewal and / or upgrade options you want, and click “Continue”.
  3. Enter your payment information and click “Complete Payment”.

Your changes will take effect immediately following payment.

Buyer Inquiries

When creating your ad, you can choose how interested buyers will be able to contact you through email, phone, and text message options. These settings can be changed at any time in your RVT account area.

Phone: For security reasons, your phone and text numbers are initially hidden, and are revealed when interested buyers select “Click to Show”.

Email: Your email address is always hidden and cannot be accessed by anyone viewing your ad. Buyers can reach you by clicking on a “Contact Seller” button and completing a web form to submit an inquiry which we then send to you. If you reply to the inquiry (click on the interested buyer’s email address in the “CONTACT’S INFORMATION” section to compose a new email to them), please be aware that you’ll be dealing directly with the buyer through your regular email and your email address will be available to the buyer at that point.

Sold Listing Status

Congratulations on your sale! If you have sold your RV please:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click “Mark Sold / Pause” in your Account Manager
  3. Select the appropriate option

Selecting one of the two “I found a buyer…” options will cause the asking price and the description on your listing to be replaced with the word “SOLD”. The ad will remain online for a few days before being removed automatically.

If you select one of the other options, your ad will be taken offline immediately

You can also let us know your RV has sold by contacting us.

Magazine Ads

When you place an ad on it will be posted online only – it will not go into a magazine or any other print publication.

Fuel Costs & Selling an RV

With today’s fuel prices steadily rising we are often asked if they will affect the sale of RVs. Here is a quote that provides a good perspective on how fuel costs affect the sales of RVs in general:

“If a customer travels 5,000 miles a year with their RV and averages 10 mpg, they would need 500 gallons of fuel. If the price of fuel shoots up by 50 cents they would only spend 250 more dollars for the year!”
- Ben Johnson - Regional Sales Manager for Jayco

Despite economic fluctuations and high fuel prices, the number of ads reported as sold has remained steady. Now more than ever, sellers can use the power of to find buyers nationwide.

Optimizing Ads for Better Results

The first step is complete and you have created a listing to sell your RV. If it’s been a reasonable amount of time and you haven’t received any response from interested buyers, here are six tips to review:

  1. Ensure the contact information you have provided for your listing is accurate.
  2. Check your junk/spam folder in your e-mail or visit the message section of your account. Some e-mail software or service providers have overly strict rules that can cause legitimate mail to be sent to this folder, it is always a good place to look if you feel like you are missing messages.
  3. Pricing is as important to buyers as it is to sellers. When considering what price to list your vehicle at, you should consider appraisal value, but also consider how that unit is currently valued / moving on the market. A lower priced similar unit is more likely to receive interest as many people will use our sort by price search option or just be looking for the best deal. To account for this, try using the RVT Price Checker which will allow you to see the vehicles J.D. Power Guide value as well as showing the average price that people list that vehicle for on our site.
  4. Placing an ad is a great first step to making a sale, but not all ads are created equal. The content of your ad will affect how your listing can be searched on our site and through external search engines. Your content can also alter the way the reader sees the listing. While it is great to include the features of your vehicle, including a reason you loved the lifestyle, reason for sale or other calls to action can be just as powerful in making people feel excited about your vehicle and build the trust required to want to contact the person on the other side of the ad. Learn more by visiting our seller’s advice page.
  5. Consider adding more photos and a video to your listing, it can make a big difference in interest generation. The person from three states over may not think it is overboard to have seen every angle of a $50,000+ unit before deciding it is worth the time to pursue. In addition, you want to ensure that your photos are attractive to potential buyers. Here is an excellent guide on taking photos.
  6. RVT offers a number of add-ons and features that help generate extra exposure such as displaying your listing as a featured search result and displaying your listing on our homepage. Further details on these add-ons and packages can be found on the RVT pricing page, or call one of our customer care staff for further assistance selecting the options that are right for you. Call toll-free at 1-800-677-4484.

Contacting Sellers

Sellers on RVT have the option to be contacted by email, phone, text message, or a combination of the three; some sellers may choose to allow only one method… others may decide to enable all of them. For security reasons, private seller’s phone and text numbers are initially hidden, and are revealed when you click on “Click to Show”. Dealer phone numbers are not hidden. All email messages are scanned and verified before being sent to the seller and are subject to a delay.

Please allow a reasonable amount of time for a seller to return your call, text or email. If you have made more than one attempt at contact over the course of a few days, send us a message, including the ad ID number, and we’ll look into the status of the seller and verify their contact information.

Saving Ads

When viewing an ad, simply click on “Watch” near the top of the ad. You must be logged in to use this feature. If you don’t already have one, you can create an account for free, it’s easy!

Alerts (Auto-Notify)

The Alert Auto-Notify feature allows you to set up a personal search agent that will automatically send you an email notification when new ads that match your specifications are posted on You must create an account (free) and login to use this feature.

Retrieving Username & Password

If you have forgotten your account information, you can retrieve your username or password here.

RVT Plus Accounts

If you’d like to reduce the number of banner advertisements you see on our site (thereby increasing your browsing speed) and get 20% off any ads you place with RVT, we offer an RVT Plus account upgrade for either $0.99 for 7 days, or $9.99 for 90 days. Upgrade Here or via Account at the top right corner of

RV Book Values now has the best RV pricing tool anywhere! Get RV retail price values instantly from J.D. Power, the trusted source among RV buyers, sellers, and industry insiders. Then, use the RVT Price Checker to compare the J.D. Power values side-by-side with actual RV listings on for the most accurate and complete RV price information possible.